About Me

Filmmaker Garrett Graham
I’m a filmmaker and educator living in Austin, Texas. I love to make films and videos about ordinary people fighting to make the world a better place. My past work has focused mostly on environmental activism and human rights issues.

I’m from Denton Texas where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in radio, television and film and a Master of Fine Arts degree in documentary filmmaking and studies from the University of North Texas. My final thesis was published in the spring of 2017 concerning the production of my documentary feature, Don’t Frack With Denton.

As a documentary filmmaker I seek out those stories of courage and resistance that we need in these dangerous times. I’ve made numerous videos documenting social movements in the North Texas region including my first documentary film, Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade (2013) and my latest film, Don’t Frack With Denton (2017).

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