Don’t Frack With Denton

Don’t Frack With Denton is a new, feature-length documentary about civil disobedience and the movement to ban fracking in Denton Texas. It’s a heroic tale of courage and resistance from deep in the heart of America’s gas land.

This inspiring story of environmental activism premiered at the Dallas Video Fest in October of 2017 and then had its Denton debut at Thin Line’s Day of the Docs Fest. And now you can now watch the entire film online.



Don’t Frack With Denton director Garrett Graham was also interviewed on Good Morning Texas about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, the reality of climate change and the future of the documentary itself. You can watch the full interview online.

WFAA Interview 2

Don’t Frack With Denton was shot between 2014 and 2016 which produced over 200 hours of footage. From that, the filmmakers have presented an epic story of community resistance over many years in less than an hour of screen time. Parts of the film were even shot overseas at the UN climate change summit in Paris, France where a group of Denton activists joined the street protests against the fossil fuel industry. It’s a unique, local story about a truly global issue – climate change and environmental justice.

Don’t Frack With Denton synopsis:

Hundreds of gas wells tower over Denton, Texas extracting natural gas using a dangerous and controversial drilling technique called hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking”. Childhood asthma rates are on the rise as the county’s air quality declines, but the people of Denton are fighting back.

Against overwhelming odds, the citizens of Denton vote to become the first city in Texas to ban fracking. But after a shady coalition of corporate lobbyists and industry insiders manage to throw out their vote behind closed doors, the people of Denton must resort to acts of civil disobedience to physically stop the fracking industry from returning to their town. It’s a David and Goliath story about community and resistance from deep in the heart of gas land.

Film Festival Screenings:

  • Premiere: Dallas Video Fest – Dallas TX 2017
  • Thin Line’s Day of the Docs Fest – Denton TX 2017
  • Loma Linda University Earth Care Film Festival, Loma Linda CA – 2017
  • Datalus Pictures Documentary Showcase – Gainesville TX 2017
  • Texas Woman’s University – Denton TX 2018
  • University of North Texas – Denton TX 2018
Indivisible Denton Presents – Denton TX 2018
  • Huston-Tillotson University Earth Day ATX – Austin TX 2018
  • EARTHxFilm Festival – Dallas TX 2018
  • Eugene Environment Film Festival – Eugene OR 2018
  • Award Winner: Colorado International Activism Film Festival – Denver CO 2018
    • Best Documentary Feature Film
    • Best Cinematography for a Documentary Feature Film
    • Best Soundtrack/Audio/Music for a Documentary Feature Film
    • Best Production Design for a Documentary Feature Film
  • International Green Film Festival – Kraków Poland 2018
  • Award Winner: Green Motions Film Festival – Freiburg Germany 2018
    • Best Documentary Feature “Millennials in Motion” Award

Work-in-Progress Screenings:

  • University of North Texas – Denton TX 2016
  • University Film and Video Association Conference – Las Vegas NV 2016
  • Great Lakes Environmental Film Festival – Milwaukee WI 2016
  • University of North Texas – Denton TX 2017
  • University Film and Video Association Conference – Los Angeles CA 2017


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Don’t Frack With Denton was produced in association with Datalus Pictures, a
trans media entertainment and production company making original films,
documentaries, and multimedia content for theaters, broadcast and the web.

Here are the full credits. The filmmakers wish to thank everyone involved and everyone who participated in the events that made this story possible.

Directed by Garrett Graham

Written and Produced by Candice Bernd and Garrett Graham

Executive Producers Melinda Levin, Marcus Parkhill and Johnathan Paul

Director of Photography David Goodman

Cinematography by David Goodman and Garrett Graham

Additional Photography by Julie Dermansky and Johnathan Paul

Edited by Garrett Graham

Sound Recorded by Candice Bernd, Robert Bowen, Garrett Graham and Tuarean Hodge

Sound Design by David Pérez-MacCollum

Music Director Ruth Mendelson

Music Composed by Esin Aydingoz, Kara Ford, Jiwon Jay Jeon, Sarah Suhhyun Kwon, David Pérez-MacCollum and Christopher Wotherspoon

Additional Music Performed by Horace Bray, Angie Holliday, Tara-Linn Hunter, Bill Mays, George Neal, Ed Soph, Marvin Stamm, Matt Young and Umar Zakaria

Motion Graphics by Eric Barbara and Johnathan Paul

Additional Artwork by Matthew Long and Jared Rodriguez

Produced in Association with Datadocs, a Datalus Pictures Company

With Special Thanks to Frack Free Denton, Jonathan Adams, Adam Briggle, Amber Briggle, Michael Briggs, Cassidy Bush, Kaden Bush, Maile Bush, Niki Chochrek, Michael Hennen, Bekah Hinojosa, Tara-Linn Hunter, Angie Holliday, Topher Jones, Morgan Larson, Matthew Long, Rhonda Love, Rodney Love, Jeff McClung, Cathy McMullen, Theron Palmer, Violet Palmer, Pauline Raffestin, Matthew Lee Schipper, Ron Seifert, Carol Soph, Ed Soph, Cindy Spoon, Elida Tamez, Sharon Wilson and Will Wooten

Additional Video Material Provided by The City of Denton, Julie Dermansky, Heist Projects and Video Blocks

Very Special Thanks to The City of Denton, Denton Drilling Awareness Group, Frack Free Denton, Earthworks, Dan’s Silverleaf, Greenhouse Restaurant, University of North Texas, Berklee College of Music, Datalus Pictures and Truthout

Marielena Carpanzano, Mark Dobson, Brenda Jaskulske, Tania Khalaf, Brian Krieger, Ben Levin, Melinda Levin, Eugene Martin and Holley Vaughn

Cyndi Bernd, Steve Bernd, Bill Bernd, Darrell Cunningham, Heather Cunningham, Elizabeth Graham, Roy Eugene Graham and Lucretia Holmes

Produced in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Fine Arts Degree, Department of Media Arts University of North Texas

© Garrett Graham 2017

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