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Hey everyone! We’ve got a quick video update for you all!


THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who supported and shared our crowd funding campaign for our upcoming documentary, Don’t Frack With Denton (2016). Thanks to you we were able to fund our trip to Paris, France to follow some of the folks behind Denton’s fracking ban as they participated in some unprecedented mass demonstrations Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.32.42 PMsurrounding the United Nations climate change summit (COP21). It was truly very exciting and we’re so thankful to be able to add this global perspective to our local story.

Candice Bernd, co-producer and co-writer of Don’t Frack With Denton, wrote an article for Truth-out about COP21 and why the future of the climate justice movement must be invested in local struggles like ours in Denton while Garrett Graham, the director, provided photos and video to accompany her article.

Twelve Days That Cooked the World: Combating the Climate Counterrevolution in Paris


We met up with activists from around the world who are fighting fracking and other forms of fossil fuel extraction telling stories very similar to ours in Denton, Texas. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from HB40, COP21 and the story of fracking in Denton it’s that nobody is going to save us and that the time for action is now. Scenes of civil disobedience are likely to become the norm as our producer Candice noted in her article;

Activists are increasingly turning to nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action after finding every institutional avenue of reform through the traditional democratic system exhausted, from the local level up to the international level. For many, the only moral higher ground left is to take back their own power and no longer rely on a defunct authority for representation. In this UN failure, they gain the highest ethical justification for shutting down extreme extraction operations, which threaten our health, homes and planet.

That’s why the story we’re telling is so important and why we’re so thankful to have the footage necessary to show how it relates to larger movements around the world that are fighting fracking, climate change, and all forms of fossil fuel extraction as well as demanding local control and community autonomy. More people are beginning to realize that we can’t behave like a democracy while our economy is addicted to fossil fuels. Making our society a more just and fair place to live and cleaning up our air and water should be mutually dependent and mutually beneficial activities.


Our previous documentary, Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade (2013), explored a very similar movement that chose to take direct action when the democratic process was overruled by eminent domain under the auspices of a foreign corporation’s profit motive. Then as now, people turned to each other to build their own power and fight back on their own terms after the system had failed them again and again.


There are so many more stories like Denton’s, and that’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re going to be taking our documentary on tour to other communities and neighborhoods that are fighting fracking or facing similar issues that threaten the health of our friends, our family and what’s left of our democracy. We’re especially interested in connecting communities affected by House Bill 40 (HB40) which means just about everyone in the state of Texas. If you live in one of those communities please reach out to us! We’d love to bring our documentary to your home town.

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But we have to finish the documentary first. We’re currently editing a feature-length, fifty-minute documentary with plans to aggressively pursue television broadcasters and tour major film festivals, especially ones focused on environmentalism and social justice. We are scheduled to show a rough cut to our colleges on April 1st (no fooling) and we’ll only have about a month after that to make any final changes. So, our audience can expect to see the finished documentary around the end of May … unless everything suddenly and dramatically changes overnight again. That’s documentary filmmaking for you.

If you donated $100 or more to our crowd funding campaign you will be sent a thank you package that includes a DVD copy of the feature-length documentary, a signed poster and a T-shirt, as well as our eternal gratitude. We will mail those out after we finish the documentary, so stay tuned and thanks again for being so incredibly generous!

Finally, we have one more important announcement to make. We are seriously considering changing the title of our documentary. Don’t Frack With Denton has been a great title for this project so far. It’s short, simple and easy to remember, but we realize now that the story we are telling is about much more than the dangers of fracking and the consequences of this story are now much broader than Denton. We feel like our feature-length documentary deserves a title that represents this larger, international scope.

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For the time being, we’re going to keep calling this project Don’t Frack With Denton to avoid any confusion, but if we decide to change the title we will announce it when we are ready to release the documentary. We’re totally open to any new title suggestions from our audience.

You can send us your ideas on Facebook or email us at dontfrackwithdenton_AT_gmail_DOT_com

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Garrett Graham: Director, producer, co-writer, editor

Candice Bernd: Producer, co-writer

and Don’t Frack With Denton!

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