Don’t Frack With Denton (2015)

We’ve been working for over a year on our new documentary, Don’t Frack With Denton, and when our hometown voted in a landslide to ban fracking over health and safety concerns we thought we had our happy ending and started editing our movie.

But, in the middle of our post-production schedule, lawmakers in Austin quickly approved a reactionary bill that was written by the oil and gas industry which makes it impossible for the people of Denton to enforce the fracking ban that they voted for. Even worse, this bill also makes it impossible for any other city in Texas to ban fracking, or to effectively regulate the oil and gas industry at all. We realized then that our job was far from over and that this story had just gotten much, much bigger.

The folks that have made the Frack Free Denton movement a force to be reckoned with haven’t given up and they’re not slowing down either. The people of Denton are already mobilizing and meeting to decide what the next steps are in the fight for clean air and clean water in our neighborhood, but also for the right’s of Texans anywhere to decide what’s best for their health and safety. They know that this is only the beginning.

We know that we’re just getting started on what we thought was a finished documentary. In the meantime, we’ve released the opening chapter of Don’t Frack With Denton online for everyone to watch, share and enjoy in the hopes that it will motivate people to participate in the history that’s being made right here in Denton. We will be there to document this ongoing story and we hope you’ll be inspired by the forth-coming, feature-length documentary that this movement deserves.

We also hope that you’ll help us spread the word about out IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign which we will be launching in June. Thanks for your support!

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